Half a million Australians super obese

Half a million Australians super obese

When I was a kid, there were fat people, but they accounted for only a small portion of the population… The Government tells us that two of the main reasons for this was because of celebrity influence and because we didn’t have things like the Internet keeping us inactive.

Then the Government decided that we as a nation were too thin, encouraging us to put on weight… Over the years, the Government also spent a lot of time and money promoting the Internet.

And what a surprise – 15 years later, the Government is now telling us that we’re all too fat!

Now I’m not saying that the Government is solely to blame, but if they had kept their opinions to themselves and let the youth of the continue go about their daily business… Well, there’d probably be a lot less obese people.

Yes, things like the Internet have played a big hand in preventing us from being active and thus increasing our weight, but the Government went to great lengths trying to get people to put on weight!

You’s still have some obese people out there, namely the ones that sit on the Internet and play video games heavily, but if the Government spent more money encouraging weight loss and excerise (as oposed to the Internet and gaining weight), well those people would be a minority!

Sure, there’ll always be a small number who will go overboard with the whole weight-loss/exercise thing, but that number is quite small and at the end of the day, I’d rather a thin, fit nation that a obese/un-fit one!

One can always deal with the minority that go overboard – that’s why we have groups like Alcoholics Anonmous and Narcotics Anonmous…


~ by Logan on January 19, 2010.

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