Prince William charms crowds in Sydney

So Prince William is here in Australia… But really, who cares?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure Prince William is a fantastic guy (particularly if he’s anything like his mother, for whom I will always have the deepest respect for…), but we are not a part of the United Kingdom anymore, the Royal Family has little (actual) involvement in our country and usually shows very little interest in our country; there isn’t really a need for the Royal Family anymore, the last couple of generations have grown-up without the influence of Royalty in their lives and in many ways, we’re closer to the United State of America than we are the United Kingdom.

People sometimes say that Australia’s origins are nothing to be proud of because many of us are the descendants of criminals (“convicts”), but I would be more inclined to say that I’m embarrassed by our association with the Royal Family – the same Royal Family who are infamous for both serious civilian crimes (such as murder) and war crimes throughout history, along with countless atrocities in the most extreme sense (need I mention the great Princess Diana?)!

Lets not forget that the real reason we have the GST is because the Royal Family panicked and pulled all of their assets from Australia during the last referendum, leaving or Government low on funds and desperate for money… But did the Royal Family help us out when it turned-out they had nothing to worry about after all?

Of course not – we’re a seperate country and therefore not their problem! Maybe I’m missing something, but if the Royal Family can understand this and most of our population can understand this, why not our Government?

It is also clear that I am not the only one that feels this way – all you’ve gotta do is watch the news to see that most Australians either didn’t know that Prince William is here, or couldn’t care less!

The Royal Family have had their time; we’ve had enough, and it’s time the Royal Family said their final goodbyes… Give us another referrendum, so we can get rid of them for good!


~ by Logan on January 20, 2010.

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