Bloatware for BlackBerry OS

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Over two years ago, Apple launched the iTunes Application Store to a lot of critism and unsurprisingly, it was a HUGE success… So much so, that EVERY manufacturer you can name has their own application store, in one form or another!

A year later, Research in Motion (RIM) launched BlackBerry App World for “key markets” (read “North America and Canada”), however it would still be another year until most countries were able to access BlackBerry App World…

So, after two years, what do most BlackBerry users actually have available to them?

Most BlackBerry users (ie. Those outside of North America and Canada) ONLY have access to free applications, MOST of which have NOT been localized for THEIR region… That’s it.

No “premium” applications (ie. Those that you have to pay for), almost no localized content, “key” applications missing (such as most of Google’s applications) and very little freeware to choose from.

If this were not enough, not only has RIM shown very little interest in making “premium” content available outside of (what they consider to be) “key markets”, but some of the most popular applications are now ONLY available via BlackBerry App World, meaning that unless you live in North America or Canada, you’re essentially “not allowed” to use these applications!

TWO YEARS in the making and THIS is the best you can come up with RIM?

It’s no wonder BlackBerry App World has been so heavily critisized, by users and developers alike…

When it comes to smartphone marketshare, most global research firms put RIM a LONG way out in front (Apple have made some headway and apparently hold second place, though most research firms still put them a LONG way behind RIM), so it’s unlikely RIM will loose too many customers over BlackBerry App World in the near future…

But RIM will NEVER, EVER overtake Apple when it comes to application sales if they continue to maintain BlackBerry App World in its current state (apparently NO ONE even comes CLOSE to Apple with regards to application sales)!

Assuming RIM maintain BlackBerry App World in its current state or continue to “drag their heels”, BlackBerry App World will just end up being a front-end to RIM’s own applications, as developers heed the critism and look elsewhere to distribute their applications (eg. The popular MobiHand-powered stores, such as’s Applications Store)…

At that point, RIM would have wasted money on an application store for nothing, and the millions of BlackBerry users around the world who were not able to access “premium” content will be upset with being stuffed-around by RIM – some users may just take future comments by RIM “with a grain of salt”, but some may end up walking, particularly as competitor’s smartphones continue to get better and more widely available (in the case of Palm’s WebOS devices, and devices powered by Android).


Brazilian model causes concern

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Everyone’s too skinny, put on some weight; everyone’s too fat, loose some weight; everyone’s too skinny, put on some weight… FFS, get over it!

So some models are a little on the thin side, who gives a f%$k? At least they’re maintaining a healthy weight, which is not something that can be said for most people in the western world (according to global statistics from countless organizations)!

If those criticizing thin people want to maintain their ridiculous weight, that’s their problem, but don’t start having a whinge because a small minority are keeping a healthy weight… It’s not their problem that everyone else is grossly overweight (again, according to global statistics from countless organizations)!

Anyway, if you wanna read the full rant from these retards, click here.

Miranda Kerr Bares All for GQ Magazine

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What can I say? Only the best women come from Down Unda!

If you haven’t seen this photo-shoot yet, you don’t know what you’re missing out on (click the image to read the article and see the full gallery)…

Miranda Kerr

YYEEOOWW –  I think I need a cold shower now…

Prince William charms crowds in Sydney

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So Prince William is here in Australia… But really, who cares?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure Prince William is a fantastic guy (particularly if he’s anything like his mother, for whom I will always have the deepest respect for…), but we are not a part of the United Kingdom anymore, the Royal Family has little (actual) involvement in our country and usually shows very little interest in our country; there isn’t really a need for the Royal Family anymore, the last couple of generations have grown-up without the influence of Royalty in their lives and in many ways, we’re closer to the United State of America than we are the United Kingdom.

People sometimes say that Australia’s origins are nothing to be proud of because many of us are the descendants of criminals (“convicts”), but I would be more inclined to say that I’m embarrassed by our association with the Royal Family – the same Royal Family who are infamous for both serious civilian crimes (such as murder) and war crimes throughout history, along with countless atrocities in the most extreme sense (need I mention the great Princess Diana?)!

Lets not forget that the real reason we have the GST is because the Royal Family panicked and pulled all of their assets from Australia during the last referendum, leaving or Government low on funds and desperate for money… But did the Royal Family help us out when it turned-out they had nothing to worry about after all?

Of course not – we’re a seperate country and therefore not their problem! Maybe I’m missing something, but if the Royal Family can understand this and most of our population can understand this, why not our Government?

It is also clear that I am not the only one that feels this way – all you’ve gotta do is watch the news to see that most Australians either didn’t know that Prince William is here, or couldn’t care less!

The Royal Family have had their time; we’ve had enough, and it’s time the Royal Family said their final goodbyes… Give us another referrendum, so we can get rid of them for good!

Half a million Australians super obese

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Half a million Australians super obese

When I was a kid, there were fat people, but they accounted for only a small portion of the population… The Government tells us that two of the main reasons for this was because of celebrity influence and because we didn’t have things like the Internet keeping us inactive.

Then the Government decided that we as a nation were too thin, encouraging us to put on weight… Over the years, the Government also spent a lot of time and money promoting the Internet.

And what a surprise – 15 years later, the Government is now telling us that we’re all too fat!

Now I’m not saying that the Government is solely to blame, but if they had kept their opinions to themselves and let the youth of the continue go about their daily business… Well, there’d probably be a lot less obese people.

Yes, things like the Internet have played a big hand in preventing us from being active and thus increasing our weight, but the Government went to great lengths trying to get people to put on weight!

You’s still have some obese people out there, namely the ones that sit on the Internet and play video games heavily, but if the Government spent more money encouraging weight loss and excerise (as oposed to the Internet and gaining weight), well those people would be a minority!

Sure, there’ll always be a small number who will go overboard with the whole weight-loss/exercise thing, but that number is quite small and at the end of the day, I’d rather a thin, fit nation that a obese/un-fit one!

One can always deal with the minority that go overboard – that’s why we have groups like Alcoholics Anonmous and Narcotics Anonmous…

Vinyl retailers spun-out by downloaders

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Vinyl retailers spun-out by downloaders

Well, digital music is the future, and stores like Australia’s are leading the way.

Yes, it’s nice to be able to hold media in your hands (this is one of the main reasons I was so late getting into the whole digital download thing), but the benefits far outweight the disadvantages…

After all, digital downloads will never degrade in quality (assuming you take care of the media on which they’re store and/or perform backups of your digital downloads), they’re more widely available, will work on a huge list of devices, are easier to browse on compatible devices and can be stored in virtually no physical space at all; record companies also seem to be likely to release older and/or harder-to-find music when it comes to digital, too.

Yes, there are a lot of stores that will be forced to close-down at some point, but the trick is to adapt to our changing world, make the move to an online business before it is too late!